How to find the perfect Franchise?
Chek out How to find the perfect Franchise
Ensuring the brand is the right fit for you is essential. Through our unique support model FranMatch, our focus on maintaining transparency and accountability extends to our franchisees and franchisors. Through this culture, we uphold Global Franchise promise and build healthy relationships to achieve mutual success.
1st Step:

Through interviews, research and analysis Global Franchise assess your needs as candidate by considering individual priorities among the franchise brands suited for your profile: financial, technical, market, management and willing to relocate. The criteria emphasizes businesses and industries that have market potential for a given geographical region of your interest.

Ou qualified partners can assist your other personal demands – obtaining visas, housing, schools etc – if your are willing to relocate.

2nd Step:


Those who are most engaged in the business, involved in their communities, and have a genuine passion for positively shaping future generations are typically the most successful franchisees.

As franchise sales consultants, Global Franchise, introduces qualified franchisors and provide vital information about your profile – impressions, concerns and interests – that can make the difference in closing a new franchise. This additional awareness of your status help franchisors through your qualification process.

3rd Step:


Global Franchise will schedule and follow-up your visit to selected franchisors in order to verify how you line up with their business concept, own strengths and weaknesses.

It is of utmost importance to fully understand the business model, the franchisor and franchisee relationship, the franchisor’s role and responsibilities, and the unit economics. However, there are other questions to be addressed before getting into any business such as the team that will be involved in daily operations. Will management be incentivized? What is a good crew? How are you going to recruit them? What systems are required to run the business?

We also encourage you to visit other franchisees of those brands – new and long term ones – to ask the remaining questions.

4th Step:

Discovery Day

Prior to Covid, most franchise companies hosted face-to-face Discovery Day events at their corporate headquarters so prospective buyers and the brand could size up each other and decide whether they were a good fit for each other.

Whether virtual or live, Discovery Day is an important step in the buying process, marking the end of the pre-sales journey for most franchise owners. The event allows you, the invited franchise candidate, to get a true feel for the franchise company you’re interested in.
It’s an opportunity to get to spend time with their top executives and understand their core values and what they believe will make you a successful business owner.

Conversely, Discovery Day is an important way for franchisors to size up their top candidates and determine who are best qualified to help them grow their brand.

5th Step:


Once you’ve figured out that this is the franchisor you want to work with, Global Franchise will negotiate the basis for the franchise acquisition. We go over it carefully, and make sure that you understand all of your obligations – and that you understand exactly what the franchisor is giving you in return.

We will assist you all the steps of the Franchise Agreement process. If you’re uncomfortable with something in the agreement, talk about it before you sign it! We can have a lawyer take a look at it or an appropriate regulatory body.

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